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What We Believe

Who We Are:

We are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds who are committed to being a community that pursues an authentic relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ.

Why We Are Here:

Our mission is to be renewed by Jesus Christ for the purpose of drawing people into community, growing as an authentic worshipping community, and sending them out to renew and create communities locally and globally.

“Behold I Am Making All Things New”

Revelation 21:5

Midtown’s Values

A Bible-Centered Community.

The Bible provides a spiritual compass for us to dialogue with one another and engage with God Himself in our journey to know and experience Him (Psalm 119:41-48).

A Gospel-Based Community.

The radical nature of Jesus’ teachings was his belief that our relationship with God is not based upon our own morality, but upon Jesus’ ability to continually bring God to us through a very radical expression of love. A gospel-based community has a high regard for prayer, worship, and the sacraments, because these practical graces are consistent with lives that are dependent on God and needy for Him (Luke 7:44-50).

An Authentic Community.

The gospel actually produces a community of people who are without pretense. They are authentic in their experience of faith and open about those very areas where they lack faith. We seek to honor those ways in which we reflect the image of God, mourn those areas where we fall short of his image, and worship the One who can renew us in His image (Luke 7:44-50).

A Renewed Community.

When a community of people have an authentic encounter with Jesus, it never leaves them where they are. It produces a community that sees its own people set free from whatever enslaves them. A renewed community eagerly looks for ways to bring about transformation in their lives through worship, bible study, and dialogue with God and others (Acts 2:42-47; 2 Corinthians 8:1-5).

A Missional Community.

The church is meant to be the one institution which exists for the sake of its non-members. It is a community whose experience of Christ naturally flows into the workplace, the neighborhood, and among friends. It always seeks ways to multiply itself in needy communities, through church planting. It is a community that embodies the life of Jesus through ministries of word and deed to those whom we come across (Luke 10:25-37).

A Community For The City.

The church is meant to be a community that loves the city and seeks its prosperity. It is a catalyst for social, economic, political, and spiritual redemption in the city of Raleigh (Jeremiah 29:7; Revelation 21:1-5).

The Midtown Connection

Midtown’s newsletter will help you connect with the people, ministries, and current events at Midtown.