One of the fastest growing populations in Raleigh are a group of people who are typically called “young professionals.” This is less about age and more about stage of life and life transition. Not surprisingly, the fastest growing population at Midtown Community Church are also young professionals. We are seeing young adults transitioning out of college into life in the city of Raleigh and also those who have been living in the professional world, who are married and single, fill our seats each week and even force us to multiply community groups (which is awesome!).

We see this as both a huge benefit to our church community as well as an opportunity to continue the work that God has called us to in this city. We want Midtown Community Church to be a place that these young adults and professionals can find a home, a family and can grow both in their relationship with others and with Christ.

In order to serve the young adult/professional community we know that not one size fits all. We want to thoughtfully serve this population in the city of Raleigh and we believe that connecting with new young pros visiting Midtown is important. In getting to know one another better we can help to plug you into our vibrant community of worship, bible studies, community groups, men’s, women’s events and so on.

We have recently revamped how this group relates to one another and in our broader church body. The group is known as “Life and Taxes” started by young professionals at Midtown Church, but open to any adult as a way to help folks connect with each other and foster deeper friendships.

Take some time and look at our website. Join us on a Sunday morning. Contact Pastor Lindsey by clicking here and he’d love to help you connect in a city that, for many of us, we just don’t know where to start.

We look forward to getting to know you!