Yesterday Pastor Lindsey preached from Daniel 6 – you can listen to it here. One of the biggest take-a-ways that I left with was thinking through the idea of the quality of Daniel’s faith. Lindsey pointed to three aspects of the faith that Daniel had: a costly faith, a constant faith and a solitary faith.

Its easy for me to get caught up in the comparison game when I think about the faith of Daniel. For crying out loud! He was bold enough to live so faithfully that even when his life was at stake he stayed true to his Lord. I want to be this kind of Christian, but doubt creeps in and begins to paralyze me as I compare myself to Daniel.

Here is the reality: the story of Daniel is not in the scriptures so that we can see how far we are from being the people that we need to be. Instead Daniel points to someone greater than us – Jesus Christ, our “Daniel.” Jesus endured something much greater than a den of lions, a Roman cross – and he was proved faithful.  Because he submitted to the will of the father at the cost of his own life, we now have access to the Father’s love. It is this love that we cling to as his children and its this love that builds us up as his people to walk faithfully day by day. This love helps us to stop playing the comparison game and to live in the fullness of a relationship with Jesus.

If you ever want to chat about this or anything, contact Lindsey or me, we’d love to connect.

We are less without each other…

Pastor Jay