Preparing For Worship

Leading up to Sunday, July 9

Scripture Passage

Revelation 3:7-13


As Jesus speaks to the church in Philadelphia in this week’s passage, one of many things he tells them is to “hold fast to what you have, that no one may seize your crown” (v11). Yet this command is imbedded in a passage that also tells of our Savior’s ultimate love and power over all things. This tension and truth of both our holding fast and the Lord’s holding us is also present in some of our worship songs this week.

Draw Me Nearer and He Will Hold Me Fast, both hymns originally written by women over a century ago, are first person testimony to our crying out to the Lord out of a desire to be near him and assurance that He will ultimately draw and hold us near. Listen ahead of time, think on the lyrics, and see where they resonate in your own spirit. Whether you are facing doubt or temptation or find yourself trusting and content, come and worship with us.

Songs We’ll Be Singing

Song of…

Invocation:  Better is One Day

Adoration:  Draw Me Nearer

Confession: By His Wounds

Thanksgiving: He Will Hold Me Fast

Response: How Firm a Foundation