Mission Statement

The mission of the Children’s Ministry of Midtown Community Church is for our children to be renewed by Jesus Christ for the purpose of drawing their friends and neighbors into community, growing as an authentic worshipping community, and sending them out to renew and create communities locally and globally.

Our Six Values

  1. God-Centered: Our ultimate goal for our children is that they would come to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Everything we do as a church is an effort to foster this experience in those children who are influenced by us.
  2. Family-Nurtured: We believe that the most important person in a child’s life is ultimately their parents, and so we seek to be a community that fosters the relationship between parent and child.
  3. Community-Structured: We believe that it indeed takes a community to raise a child, so we seek to make the growth of our children a responsibility that is shared by all who are in our church. We want to help and assist parents in the development of their children, and so effectively making them all of our children.
  4. Others-Oriented: We believe that the call of discipleship in our children results in them looking to the needs of others ahead of their own, and thus engaging their world through word and deed ministry. To this end, we look for opportunities to encourage our children to live in light of the Great Commission & the Great Commandment.
  5. Relevant & Engaging: We believe that it is important to communicate the gospel to our children in a way that is both relevant to their age and engaging to their hearts and minds. We want to incarnate the gospel in such a way that they embrace it personally for themselves.
  6. Safe & Secure: We believe that it is of utmost importance that our children be nurtured in a responsible and safe environment where both the child and the volunteer are protected.