Each month the Mercy and Justice Team wants to communicate how Midtown Community Church is engaging and serving the city of Raleigh. Below, Emily Evans shares about Jobs for Life and Midtown’s involvement.

Before the fall ever happened, God created work. He purposed man with a job to do. Thousands of years later, the labor may look different, but as humanity, we still long for purposeful work. For our days to matter, to be able to provide for ourselves and our families. Work is still good, it is still ordained by God, who tells us how we are to work in a way that glorifies Him.

But for millions of people in our country, meaningful work is out of reach. Without education, skills, job training, a network of people, or an environment in which hard work is valued and praised, people struggle to make ends meet.

Jobs for Life’s mission is to change this. Jobs for Life exists to “mobilize churches and communities to provide job training and support to our country’s neediest citizens, lifting them from dependency to self-sufficiency.” Not only does Jobs for Life provide job training, it also provides its students with champions–mentors who surround and support and encourage, not just during the class, but for the first year of employment, helping students navigate issues of transportation, child care, and other obstacles to success.

Jobs for Life seeks to give participants back their dignity–as men and women made in God’s image, created to work. It goes beyond traditional secular job training programs, teaching students what the Bible says about work, what God has to say about our lives, bringing Christ to a hurting world. It is relational, bringing people together to form lasting relationships and support.

Last year, Midtown helped The Encouraging Place with their Jobs for Life class, providing meals and clothes for the women participating. Click here for a photo album of the event!
This fall, Midtown is leading its own Jobs for Life class. For more information, email Jay via the contact page and make sure to visit the Jobs for Life Homepage!