The following is a short testimony by Emma D’Antoni, a sophomore at NC State and new member at Midtown Community Church – she shared it this past Sunday before she was baptized. She talks about what church has come to mean to her. If this Easter you are thinking of re-engaging with church, I hope that this short testimony will help you to come to Sunday worship with new eyes for what God is doing.

Through the experience of coming to college, in a new state, knowing no one, Jesus has been teaching me the importance of relationships. He has been showing me my longing for deep, meaningful relationships, and I think that’s one reason why He has brought me to this church. If you had asked me before, I would have told you that a church is a building with a steeple where people go to worship on Sunday morning. My definition of church has evolved. A church is a body of believers. More than just on Sundays for worship, church is coffee with your pastor, community group, living life alongside one another, spiritual growth. This church is a family that I have been welcomed into. It’s filled with grace, mercy and love. Through all of the relationships that I’ve formed in the past two years in Raleigh, Jesus has revealed Himself as the giver and the center of all these relationships. I am so thankful to have a few more years to continue building relationships within the church community. Your welcoming, open arms have been a reflection of Jesus and the relationship He wants with me and with all of us. My baptism is a sign of God’s covenant. And today it’s one picture of the way that God has used all of you and the relationships we have created to reveal His goodness and love for me.

I’m not sure what your background is, what baggage you may have with the church or what struggles you feel deep within your heart. However, I know that bit by bit Jesus is working in the context of Midtown Community Church. He is working in the hearts of people who have been following him for years and also in the hearts of people who are brand new to the faith.

Won’t you join us for Worship this weekend? Maybe God wants to redefine “church” for you too.

We are less without each other…

Pastor Jay