Are you new to the church? Have you been feeling isolated or disconnected lately because meeting in person remains challenging? Would you simply like to develop new relationships or strengthen existing ones? Are you looking for other people who will encourage and pray for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’d encourage you to join a Sermon Discussion Club. 

Throughout this winter & spring, Midtown will host a number of these clubs–gatherings intended to strengthen our community as we continue to navigate Covid. We have designed these groups to be: 

  • Flexible (some will meet virtually and others in person)
  • Focused (unifying the congregation as we seek to apply truths from each week’s sermon)
  • Faithful (a way to shepherd you where you are)  

If you are interested in joining one of the existing groups, email the leader of the group you’d like to join using the contact info below to learn more.  Or, if you would prefer, contact Pastor Lindsey ( or Pastor Duane ( directly.

Led by Warren & Brenna Wright
Meets Virtually on Tuesday Evenings at 6:30PM

Led by Rand & Katherine Williams
Meets Virtually on Wednesday Evenings at 8PM

Led by Jayson & Charity Cleary
Meets In Person on Sundays at 11am at the Cleary Home

Led by Pat & Marissa Wallace, Nick & Kelly Gibson
Meets In Person Outdoors on Tuesday Evenings at 7:30pm (Men & Women alternate weeks)

NORTH RALEIGH – **group has reached maximum capacity
Led by Kyle & Madison Doss
Meets In Person on Wednesday Evenings at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall at Church

Led by Joseph & Julie Schlosser, Lindsey & Kara Williams
Meets In Person every other Sunday at 11am in the Chapel at Church

Led by Michael & Gwen Vuke
Meets Virtually on Tuesday Evenings at 8:30PM