Midtown uses a variety of ways of communication to stay connected to what is happening in the life of the church. Below are various ways to be sure you are receiving communication pertinent to what you need to know.

This is a private communication system that most information is shared through. You can set up a profile and control what others view, while still receiving information about the large church body as well as individual ministries in the church (i.e. Men’s or Women’s ministry, Community Groups, etc). Please know that information in your profile is only available to those who are members of Midtown within MemberHub-this is not public information available on the internet. If you would like to be added to MemberHub, please contact Emily Baker, Midtown Admin, or request to join here.

Midtown Updates
These are sent one to two times a month to inform you of events happening at church. This is a helpful communication to receive in order to not miss anything happening in the daily life of Midtown. If you would like to receive this communication, please contact Emily Baker, Midtown Admin.

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