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Ruth Reflections 1:6-22

by Midtown

As we work through the book of Ruth in our sermon series, I will be posting some devotional thoughts as I work through it with the help of the ESV Study Bible. The ESV Study Bible is a great resource and I hope that these weekly posts will help you as you process Ruth and grow […]

James, Patrick & You

by Midtown

I wonder what would have happened if St. Patrick would have believed in the health and wealth gospel? I wonder if he had of fallen into the trap of seeking “his best life now” over and above seeking The Lord? I wonder if struggle would have been the end, instead of the starting point of […]

The Comparison Game

by Midtown

Yesterday Pastor Lindsey preached from Daniel 6 – you can listen to it here. One of the biggest take-a-ways that I left with was thinking through the idea of the quality of Daniel’s faith. Lindsey pointed to three aspects of the faith that Daniel had: a costly faith, a constant faith and a solitary faith. Its […]

Habakkuk 1:1-11 – Sermon Follow Up

by Midtown

This past Sunday we looked at Habakkuk 1:1-11 and how in the midst of struggle within the kingdom of Judah, Habakkuk came to God honestly, looking for answers. Habakkuk asks God, “Where are you and why aren’t you acting, protecting, saving us from impending doom and internal iniquity – why are you silent?” God’s response […]

Sermon Notes for 01/20/2013

by Midtown

Title: Renewal Through Thanksgiving Scripture: Psalm 100 We have a thanksgiving problem. Two extremes: Etiquette & Payback. Three Steps to a Thankful Heart: We realize WHO we are thankful to. Remember – Recognize – Rejoice We realize HOW to express our thanks. We enter as his entourage to bend the knee. We realize WHEN we should we thankful. […]