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Where Is God When It Hurts?

by midtown

Where is God when it hurts?  When my marriage isn’t what I expected?  When my dream job isn’t so dreamy? When parenting fills me with more anxiety than joy?  When yet another date turns into another dud? When the church doesn’t live up to what I had envisioned?  Where is God when the life I […]

Church Shopping 101

by midtown

Tis is the season for church shopping! Some people are getting back from vacation and want to try something new, while others are relocating for school, work or family reasons. Over the next month or so (especially in Raleigh), we will see a number of people visiting, watching and trying to decide if “Church A” […]

An Apathetic Generation?

by midtown

A member of Midtown send me this article earlier today and I thought that it was worth sharing. We hear time and time again that the younger generation (post-college to mid-30s) is an apathetic generation. While I’m positive that many of the statistics painting this generation as couch cushions may be true, what we are seeing […]

Easter and Redefining Church

by midtown

The following is a short testimony by Emma D’Antoni, a sophomore at NC State and new member at Midtown Community Church – she shared it this past Sunday before she was baptized. She talks about what church has come to mean to her. If this Easter you are thinking of re-engaging with church, I hope […]

I don’t feel like it…

by midtown

There are a number of refrains in the church that I hear quite often. One of them is simply, “I don’t feel like it.” “I don’t feel like reading my Bible, because I won’t get anything out of it.” “I don’t feel like going to worship, so I will stay home and be with Jesus […]

Emma’s Home Update

by midtown

Midtown partners with a number of ministries in the Triangle area. We are overjoyed to celebrate a new ministry  – Transforming Hope Ministries. Here is a bit about them from their website: Transforming Hope Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization currently located in central North Carolina. It was birthed in November, 2010 by a group […]