A member of Midtown send me this article earlier today and I thought that it was worth sharing. We hear time and time again that the younger generation (post-college to mid-30s) is an apathetic generation. While I’m positive that many of the statistics painting this generation as couch cushions may be true, what we are seeing at Midtown Community Church and in God’s church around the world is proving to be counter-cultural.

At Midtown, this generation is leading ministry teams, community groups and planning activities for our men’s and women’s ministries. This generation is reaching out to those who don’t know Christ and pointing their friends to the fact that church is more than four walls and a steeple. We are seeing this generation reach out to those in older generations to learn and grow from them. Its so encouraging!

I could go on and on about how I’m seeing God work in “this apathetic generation” but why don’t you come and see? Join us for worship for a couple of months and whether you are a young professional or in a generation a few years older, I think you will be refreshed with what God is doing.

We are less without each other…

Pastor Jay