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Be Curious, Not Judgmental

by Midtown

My job as a pastor involves figuring out how to help people navigate really difficult situations.  The year 2020 has given me plenty of material in this regard, from Covid-19, a record number of hurricanes, and bears with nunchucks (go ahead and look it up).  A few months ago I wrote about the lost art […]

The Other Pandemic

by Midtown

At the beginning of 2020, we as Americans were feeling the collective angst of this being a Presidential election year. These 4 year cycles often threaten neighborly love and family ties like no other, and all indicators were that this might be a Cat 5 political storm. Yard signs were coming out, and battle lines […]

MCC: Covid-19 Update – 5/2/20

by Midtown

Coronavirus MCC UpdateMay 2nd, 2020 Midtown Family,If you had told me 2 months ago that numerous people would give me toilet paper for my birthday, that I’d be suffering from zoom fatigue, preached to an empty sanctuary every Saturday, my hair would be this long or that I hadn’t been inside a coffee shop for […]

MCC: Covid-19 Update – 3/17/20

by Midtown

March 17th, 2020 Midtown Church Family, Covid-19 has completely upended our world and is forcing us to rethink the way we do life on basically every level.  Every day brings new directives from government agencies on how we are to live.  I know for many of you it creates anxiety, fear, depression, loneliness and a […]


by Midtown

Midtown Community Church Family, At this point, I think everyone is aware of the impact that Covid-19 is having upon our society.  The combination of this being largely unchartered territory for Americans (unlike Asian countries who have experienced this before), the inevitable politicization that comes in an election year, and the prevalence of social media […]