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Difficult Conversations

by Midtown

Whenever someone tells me that they are about to get married or have recently been married, my response is always the same, “That is so awesome. I just love marriage!” Its true. I love going weddings, I love officiating weddings, I love marriage. However, though I love weddings, I’m not so in love with the […]

James, Patrick & You

by Midtown

I wonder what would have happened if St. Patrick would have believed in the health and wealth gospel? I wonder if he had of fallen into the trap of seeking “his best life now” over and above seeking The Lord? I wonder if struggle would have been the end, instead of the starting point of […]

I don’t feel like it…

by Midtown

There are a number of refrains in the church that I hear quite often. One of them is simply, “I don’t feel like it.” “I don’t feel like reading my Bible, because I won’t get anything out of it.” “I don’t feel like going to worship, so I will stay home and be with Jesus […]