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Renew: Thanksgiving – Sermon Follow Up

by Midtown

Hello Midtowners… Just wanted to share two resources for you today in regards to our most recent sermon on Thanksgiving: Check out this youtube video of the song, Blessed Be The Name. We sing this song at Midtown and it was the closing song this past week. Take time to reflect on the words and […]

Sermon Notes for 01/20/2013

by Midtown

Title: Renewal Through Thanksgiving Scripture: Psalm 100 We have a thanksgiving problem. Two extremes: Etiquette & Payback. Three Steps to a Thankful Heart: We realize WHO we are thankful to. Remember – Recognize – Rejoice We realize HOW to express our thanks. We enter as his entourage to bend the knee. We realize WHEN we should we thankful. […]

Renew: Confession – Sermon Follow Up

by Midtown

This is the 2nd blog post in connection with our January sermon series entitled “Renew.” We are using the “ACTS” acronym as paradigm for making a meaningful connection with God (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication). Last week we looked at the practical ways to make “Adoration” part of your devotional life. This week will look at […]

Renew: Adoration – Sermon Follow Up

by Midtown

At Midtown Community Church our January sermon series is entitled Renew. The premise of this sermon series is that for all the resolutions we can make in 2013, there is no better resolution than to pursue spiritual renewal. Going back to the beginning of the Bible (specifically Genesis 3), we are told that every single […]