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Bible Reading for the Rest of December

by Midtown

This week I want to connect you to an Advent resource that you can use as you read your Bible each day. These resources have been highlighted by a sister church here in Raleigh (Christ the King Presbyterian‘s Worship Director, Bruce Benedict)  Explore the different resources that are listed here as you come to God’s […]

Piles of Leaves

by Midtown

Fall in Raleigh is beautiful. As the leaves change color bright yellows and reds can be seen in most every neighborhood you drive through. But another thing happens in Raleigh during the fall season – piles of leaves. In our great city all you have to do is rake your leaves to the curb and […]

Bible Reading December 3 – 8

by Midtown

This week we finished Proverbs! Monday – Proverbs 25 Tuesday – Proverbs 26 Wednesday – Proverbs 27 Thursday – Proverbs 28 Friday – Proverbs 29 Saturday – Proverbs 30-31